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MArteLive Format

MArteLive was launched in 2001 at the initiative of the Art Director Peppe Casa

Since the first edition, it has been a multidisciplinary show i n which artists representing various disciplines find a synergy and translate one aesthetic language into another.

The audience is guided into an exciting and stimulating synaesthetic travel between all the 16 Artistic Disciplines involved : Music, Theatre, Dance, Literature, Painting and Drawing, Photography, Contemporary Circus, Street Art, Video Art, Digital Illustration, Short Film, Music Video, Dj and Producer, Fashion Design, Handicraft.

Imagine a space where in one room you’ll find a rock concert and an exhibition of young artisans who create their products live, and suddenly you can move to the next room, where an opera, dance show, a poetry reading or a flash mob could be happening. 

And more, you have the painting room, where more than 20 painters perform with spectacular live painting techniques and express the sensations of the room, of the public to the rhythm of the music of a DJ; in the next room, video art and special projections go with the passage to the literature and theater room where original performances follow one another accompanied by multisensory projections.

The uniqueness of MArteLive is the balance between all these forms of art involved:  evening after evening, room after room, MArteLive is the ultimate platform for the discovery of new talents and artists.