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About us


Roma, Italy

Procult is the organisation behind MArteLive in Italy, spreading the format throughout the country since 2001. In 2014, MArteLive became Biennale MArteLive, an unprecedented event for the city of Rome that every 2 years gathers about 900 artists from all over Italy in 60 locations in the region, and a total of 60,000 people audience.

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Poznań, Poland

At Artnova, we believe that art empowers people in every step they take. Our team represents different sectors and disciplines (cultural management, PR, intellectual property law, visual and performing arts, music, handicraft, fashion). Together, we spread art… get ready!

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Kintai, Lithuania

KINTAI ARTS provokes encounters between contemporary art and the local community. Remote from urban life, we are located in a place for inspiration, concentration, and creative experiments. Surrounded by lush forests and the Curonian Lagoon, the residency welcomes artists of all fields.  

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Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

TUZLA LIVE Association has been around for 20 years, being active in arts and creative industries as well as (social) entrepreneurship, non-formal education, social Innovation and digital economy. We enable individuals and communities to build, improve and express their talent, skills and potential through our wide network of partners, associates, experts, and professionals.

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