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The Art in Progress Manual

The Art in Progress MAnual is a handbook intended for cultural operators who would like to attract talented artists from diverse geographical and artistic backgrounds to reinterpret to adapt the format of this artistic residence in their context.
The MAnual responds the to the question “how to”. How to identify artists? How to book a relevant place? How to organise the Artistic Residence? How to manage the artists on site?
What is in it for me?
– If you are a cultural operator or an artist, you may like to implement the Art in Progress format in your own place, or develop collaboration with other cultural operators who would like to renew the experience which
– If you are a collective of artists who would like to extend invitation to collaborate for other artists – If you are leading a historical place, a castle, an industrial wasteland, an ex theatre, an occupied cinema, an abandoned windmill… your place has a story to tell.
The MAnual is supervised by Artnova Foundation, as one of the partners of the MArteLive Europe Project, which gave the opportunity to artists from the whole Union and beyond to showcase their talent and build artistic cooperation.
This MAnual has been crafted with love and dedication by Jeremiasz Misiak, founder of Artnova Foundation, Joanna Longawa, journalist and art curator, Karim Galici, art director and Jean-Marc Thiébaut, serial inventor.
Buckle up and enjoy the trip! The Art in Progress team

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